William Stauber Soik IF Fellow 2020
Hi, I am William and I am a senior at North High School. I am a very detail oriented person and if you find me to be a bit of a perfectionist it’s because I am. My hobbies generally include painfully tedious tasks. I have built my own computer and have modified it since first building it. I also spend much of my free time painting detailed plastic models. As far as my school life is concerned, for all three prior years of high school I have been in some form of speech activity that requires me to use data and other details to argue and speak. I have primarily been in debate and I have had better and better successes as time goes on. This year, for my senior year at North High School, I am participating in the Innovator Fellowship and I will be at Jake’s Cafe a lot. I’ve chosen to gather and publicize data on Sheboygan to improve city decision making. Much of my life has been focused on paying attention to the details and making practical decisions and I want the people in charge of Sheboygan to do the same.