Rose Phillips
Rose PhillipsExecutive Director - Glacial Lakes Conservancy
I am a Silver Lake College graduate with a degree in Biology and Natural Science. I have been an environmental y conscious nerd my entire life; I was the kind of child who created a “vegetarian club”, wrote letters and created petitions to encourage change in political and corporate practices, and organized after-school litter cleanup events. I was raised in the country, an outdoorsy-kind-of- girl, who loved animals and wildlife, and believed in bringing awareness of issues to all those within earshot of me. Oddly enough, not much has changed. I am proud to have carried these childhood passions into my adulthood and to be able to direct them into my work with Glacial Lakes Conservancy (GLC). In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three amazing daughters. I also enjoy hiking, exploring nature, yoga, mycology, writing, permaculture, organic gardening, and vegetarian cooking. I believe it is important to stay engaged in community issues and activities and my daily goal is to learn something new. I love to learn! #KnowledgeIsPower
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