Andrea Covey
Andrea CoveyAndrea Covey Design
A Sheboygan County native, I have worn a lot of hats, worked a ton of temp jobs, and dug myself out of a few holes to discover a field in which I could let my full potential finally be reached. Over a decade of volunteering and working with non-profit organizations led me to a skillset that has now become my career.

After becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2012, I had learned a great deal about what it takes to launch a business which included building a brand, online marketing, etc. After reaching my ultimate goal of one massage job being enough to pay the bills, I realized my mental and physical well-being was taking more of a toll on me than I had anticipated.

Through all the changes and transitions, I have remained a perpetual student and resourceful problem solver. Mix that in with my desire to use the creative skills I have been honing in on since high school, and we have the perfect storm for what I have become today… Graphic designer, photographer, and lover of all things that help my community grow.