Tryg Jacobson
Tryg JacobsonPresident
I grew up in the advertising business. My father was a cartoonist for the Saturday Evening Post. My mother was a writer and studio artist. Together they launched Jacobson Advertising in 1957. In time, it became a real powerhouse with household brands like Trek, Swiss Miss, Culver’s, Leinenkugels, Old Wisconsin, Kalahari, First Alert, Fisher Nuts, Kimberly Clark, Sargento, Mercury Marine and many more.

My wife, Ann Marie, and I have been married 34 years. We have three daughters. Kiera, who is a social media creative director for Target Corporation in Minneapolis. Lizzie, who is an executive recruiter for the Addison Group in Denver and Christiana who is the US brand manager for K Beauty Products in Manhattan, NY. My hobbies are art, golf, sailing, crossfit. I have a love for architecture and preservation. I enjoy mentoring High School and College Students.

Ann Marie Jacobson
Ann Marie JacobsonJake's Cafe
Steve Mech
Steve MechPresident/Co-Founder - CSA Commercial
Steve is the President and Co-Founder of CSA Commercial and a managing member of the venture capital firm CSA Partners. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lawrence University. In 2010, Mr. Mech was named to the Milwaukee Business Journal’s “Forty under 40” for contributions to his profession and his community. In his spare time, Steve enjoys playing golf and the guitar.
☎ (414) 333-1936
Malyssa Gabrielson
Malyssa GabrielsonOffice ManagerEvent Coordinator - Jake's Cafe
Malyssa stumbled upon her position at Jake’s Cafe and it has been the best thing to happen to her since science perfected meatless chicken nuggets. She spends her days as the office manager of Jake’s Cafe and the friendly neighborhood receptionist for the building. Her evenings are dedicated to coaching the high school forensics teams at Sheboygan South and IDEAS Academy. What little free time she manages to scrape together after that goes towards her love of vegan baking, traveling to see her friends and family spread out across the country, or hanging out with her impeccably dopey cat.
☎ (920) 694-1741
Rebecca Fralick
Rebecca FralickChef at Mara's by Matanaer Catering
I enjoy cooking with my family, hiking, and a good glass of red wine. I roast my own coffee, and I own more plants than is probably necessary (at least that’s what my husband tells me!). I like home improvement projects, and going to the park with my daughter. 
Sanela Hardovic
Sanela HardovicAccountant - Jake's Cafe
Jim Simon
Jim SimonGrounds Manager, Jake's Cafe
Jim has been managing our grounds and landscape since 1983. No one knows our buildings better. He works tirelessly to make sure the grass, shrubs and trees are beautifully manicured in the summer. In the winter, he is up at 5:30 am to make sure the snow is shoveled and the ice is salted before you come into work. If you see him, let him know how much you appreciate how nicely he keeps our grounds.
Lindsay Harrison-Eirich
Lindsay Harrison-EirichPresident, Engaged Marketing Co.
The one with the “A”. The fearless leader. Community advocate. Team player…And all around visionary. She was the brainchild behind Engaged in 2013 when social media marketing was in the unknown phase. That didn’t last long. As the company grew, her vision to create a marketing agency also remained top of mind. In late 2017, that vision became a reality and she hasn’t looked back (with her oversized sunglasses in her rear-view mirror) since.
Gaby Cappaert
Gaby CappaertMarketing Coordinator - Engaged Marketing Co.
The youngest and (maybe) savviest…Gaby joined the Engaged Marketing Co. team in its early days of Summer ’16 following her graduation from Lakeland University. From your go-to social media specialist to coordinating marketing projects from start to finish, you can expect a satisfying experience with high expectations she has for herself and for the work Engaged Marketing Co. produces. You can Gaby in Manitowoc, Plymouth and surrounding areas building relationships, implementing marketing campaigns and enjoying an iced chai latte.
Jodi Wagner
Jodi WagnerGraphic Designer, Engaged Marketing
Jodi brings the brading, design, and graphic talent. She crafts the look and feel of your business by tailoring a style unique to your brand message. Her approachable and collaborative working process introduces customers to her easy going personality. Not only does Jodi create phenomenal designs, but she gets a lot of her inspiration from her hobbies, A Minnesota girl at heart, Wisconsin won her over as she has discovered many of her passions on Lake Michigan. Next time you are near the coast, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for either a lone surfer or a one of a kind sailboat. It just might be Jodi!
Lindsey Scheuer
Lindsey Scheuer Graphic Designer/Web Specialist - Engaged Marketing Co.
The one with an “E”. WordPress and design guru. Lover of Starbucks. Team introvert (loves being behind the scenes!). Lindsey takes the digital vision for your company, dresses it up and makes it shine. In her free time, you’ll find her hiking with her golden retriever, reading up on the latest GOT fan theory or eating brown butter chocolate chip cookies at Mara’s.
Tamara Salchert
Tamara SalchertWeb Development, Engaged Marketing
Web Development intern at Engaged Marketing
-Tamara joins Engaged from Lakeshore Technical College. She is currently in the process of completing her final semester in the Graphic and Web Design program. With experience in coding and WordPress, Tamara works alongside Lindsey in creating beautiful and engaging websites to meet all their clients needs. As for her hobbies, she enjoys fixing things up, painting, and reading. If you ever run into her it will most likely be on a walk through Maywood, sipping on some warm tea or taking candid shots of people loves.
Elizabeth Bolland
Elizabeth BollandMarketing Intern, Engaged Marketing
Our Miami University representative, Elizabeth made her debut at Engaged Marketing Co as an intern of Summer ’19. She is a former student athlete at Miami University and specializes in English and professional writing. He hometown isn’t too far away and is known as the “cheese capital of the world.” If you still don’t know where to find her, you might find some luck in small town Plymouth, Wi. We are certain she will make a strong contribution to Engaged throughout the summer months.
Emile Blasczyk
Emile BlasczykOwner & Creator - Emile Portraits
Hello there, so glad you stopped by!

I’m Emile, owner and creator of Emile Portraits, LLC.

Emile Portraits is my way of capturing the special moments that happen once in a lifetime.

Every time that I have a session, it’s a chance to make a new friend. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship with someone, and then, in turn, showcase that person’s individuality, and uniqueness through the photographs I take. But above all, my sessions are much more than that; they’re experiences, laugh sessions, story times, and a chance to freeze a moment in time.

When I am not behind the lens, you can find me at the piano, playing board games, enjoying a good cup of tea, and spending time with my family, and my wonderful husband, Zach.

Shayna Jingst
Shayna JingstJewelry DesignerGoldsmith - Shayna Jewelry
Shayna designs innovative multimedia jewelry from precious metals, stones, steel and glass, while keeping a focus on the handcrafted object. She designs original, handcrafted limited production jewelry, as well as individual commissions specifically for the needs of each customer while integrating her distinct vision. Her design process often involves manipulating materials, learning and exploring new techniques, and a bit of trial and error. She employs the same aesthetic and technical considerations while stitching beads and molding plastic as she does forming and soldering gold and silver into exceptional jewelry designs. She spends her free time attending to her ridiculously adorable son, Truman.
Kailey Floryance
Kailey FloryanceJewelry DesignerMetalsmith - Shayna Jewelry
Brilliant bio coming soon!
Patti Raml
Patti RamlJewelry Designer/Artist
Patti Raml is a Wisconsin native and currently lives near Lake Michigan with her husband and dog, where they raised their two sons.
Her affinity for the creative process drew her to the art of jewelry design. As a self taught artist she has developed her own understated subtle style. Patti joins her love of color and texture into her jewelry design and finds inspiration from nature and organic elements. She uses traditional metalworking techniques and the ancient art of lost wax casting. Her work features carefully selected raw and faceted gemstones set in sterling silver, gold and brass.
She strives to create unique classic jewelry to be worn everyday that reflects the beauty of the natural world.
Dan Tullberg
Dan TullbergLead Developer - Bytenoize
“In the real world or in the world wide web, I want to know one thing. How can I help you pursue your dreams?” Saving the world from poorly designed websites is what I do for living, but connecting people is one of my true passions. Outside the digital world, I enjoy exploring nature, reading, drumming, music, video games and helping animals. There is so much to learn, experience and enjoy in life, so I make it a habit of keeping an open mind and trying new things every day.
Mychal Seger
Mychal SegerCreative Strategist - Bytenoize Digital Marketing
Bytenoize Digital Marketing is creative content on one hand and coded advantages on the other. Do you want to use your right hand or your left? Well, I want to use BOTH of my hands!” Mychal Seger was headed to grad school for biology until curiosity lured him to study social media. Soon, this study led to managing digital marketing within a global manufacturer. While there, he tackled projects both creative and technical for, as he puts it, “anything on a screen.” At ByteNoize, he uses the same approach of creativity, research and dependability to build business and bring brands to life. Mychal is also an active member of the Sheboygan Jaycees and frequently volunteers in their community projects.
Laura Rooker
Laura RookerWeb Designer/Developer ByteNoize
Laura Rooker has spent nearly 15 years working in the customer service industry. Ten of those years she spent at Starbucks Corporation where she learned valuable social skills, multi-tasking at its finest, and met a huge network of people from all areas of the world. After parting ways with Starbucks she worked part-time as the owner of an online shopping website, and started a lifestyle blog sharing uplifting information, book reviews, shopping tips, and more. Her passion for technology, people and design has lead her to us today. Laura works as our Web Designer and Developer as she finishes her Lakeshore Technical Diploma for Web & Software Development.
Zack Rescorla
Zack RescorlaWeb Developer/Software Programmer ByteNoize
Zack Rescorla, a.k.a. “The Man in the Chair”, is a Web Developer/Software Programmer who believes coding is a way to both help people and bring extraordinary ideas to reality. At ByteNoize, he uses his code and imagination to help small businesses make their brand stand out on any platform. Zack is engaged and part of a blended family with three children. When he isn’t trying to create the next Twitter app, he is a family man, avid gamer and tech enthusiast. Zack holds an Associate’s degree in IT-Web and Software Development from Lakeshore Technical College.
Melodee Uribe
Melodee UribeNutritionist - Essentia
Not many people can say they love their job as much as I do. I’m truly blessed and can honestly say I love my job! I love to help people, and I love to see them feel well again. In July of 2014, I earned my certification as a Natural Health Practitioner and soon after became a Doctor of Naturopathy. As a natural health practitioner, my goal is to address the root causes of your health concerns instead of treating or suppressing your symptoms with potentially harmful drugs. Recently, and with great success, I have been helping women dealing with infertility issues. Using a natural regimen, my clients have each become pregnant and delivered healthy babies! It has been and continues to be a joy and a privilege. I cry tears of happiness every time a new mom tells me she is pregnant! If you desire a natural approach in dealing with your health concerns, I would love to help you. I have witnessed time and time again, the positive results using natural alternatives. My hope is to share them with you.
Kurt Cornielsen
Kurt CornielsenPresident - KVC Capital Management
Kurt is a trading professional with a successful record of achievement in the domestic and international futures markets. He has significant experience in the open outcry pits of the CBOT and CME as well as off the floor throughout the evolution of modern electronic trading. Prior to founding KVC Capital, Kurt was a partner at Infinium Capital and head of Algorithmic Spread Trading in foreign exchange, fixed income, equity, metals, energy and agriculture. He earned a BBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. KVC Capital Management
Andrew Morgan
Andrew MorganAttorney - Charlton & Morgan Ltd.
Amanda Roethel
Amanda RoethelLTC Adm Intern
I am Amanda Roethel, an intern at Lakeshore Technical College. I am a first year student in the Administrative Professional program and plan to graduate May of 2020. I am a child care teacher through the Sheboygan Area School District and I have three children; JD, Alayna, and Natalie. who keep me busy aside from school and work. We love to go on walks, bike rides, camping, kayaking, and just relax. I enjoy trying new recipes and traveling/taking road trips. I also love to give back to my community and volunteer when I can. I am eager to apply my knowledge to support office growth and success at Jake’s Cafe.
Margaret Suralik
Margaret SuralikPresident - Suralik, LLC
Margaret has been a professional accountant for over 30 years. She has experience in all aspects of accounting practice: Tax, Financial Accounting, and Business Systems and Management. She has led projects for companies in a wide variety of industries and ranging in size from small businesses to large, multinational enterprises. Margaret is an Author and Technical Reviewer for AICPA Continuing Education courses. In the past, she has taught accounting, finance, accounting ethics and international accounting at the London School of Economics and Marquette University. Travel, sports and good conversation occupy some of her personal time.
Mandy Tran
Mandy TranIntellectual Property Attorney - Ceres Patent and Technology
Terry Stevenson
Terry StevensonAccount Manager - WLKN
WLKN is Lake 98.1 FM on your radio! It’s Sheboygan, Calumet and Manitowoc County’s official ‘At Work Station’ playing the best variety of music from the 80s, 90s and Today. Lake 98.1 is also home for “Delilah”, “The Dave Koz Radio Show” and the “WLKN Saturday Morning Shopping Spree.” We have a strong audience between the ages of 35-54. Our advertising rates are competitive and affordable, and a great way to boost your business! We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box. We will put together an innovative advertising package that goes beyond the typical :30-second ad and fits within any budget. For more information and a complete media kit, contact Terry Stevenson, Sales Manager.
Rose Phillips
Rose PhillipsExecutive Director - Glacial Lakes Conservancy
I am a Silver Lake College graduate with a degree in Biology and Natural Science. I have been an environmental y conscious nerd my entire life; I was the kind of child who created a “vegetarian club”, wrote letters and created petitions to encourage change in political and corporate practices, and organized after-school litter cleanup events. I was raised in the country, an outdoorsy-kind-of- girl, who loved animals and wildlife, and believed in bringing awareness of issues to all those within earshot of me. Oddly enough, not much has changed. I am proud to have carried these childhood passions into my adulthood and to be able to direct them into my work with Glacial Lakes Conservancy (GLC). In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three amazing daughters. I also enjoy hiking, exploring nature, yoga, mycology, writing, permaculture, organic gardening, and vegetarian cooking. I believe it is important to stay engaged in community issues and activities and my daily goal is to learn something new. I love to learn! #KnowledgeIsPower
☎ (920) 273-1143
Abbey Vizelka
Abbey VizelkaLand Project Coordinator - Glacial Lakes Conservancy
Denise Pazur
Denise PazurPresident - Empathos
Denise consolidates all planning, positioning, segmentation and strategic alliances, driven through multi-channel and multi-constituency communications projects, to ensure they are spot on. “I can’t not do this work,” she says of the public health communications that is fueled by personal experience and her passion for prevention.
☎ (920) 457-4033
Adolfo Jimenez Jr.
Adolfo Jimenez Jr.President and all around great guy.
Adolfo was born in California, raised in Guadalajara and made in Wisconsin. He has a strong passion for International markets and he’s a believer of diplomacy to overcome differences when doing business internationally. He’s also an avid soccer (football) player and owner of the local soccer team Real Atletico since 2006.

☎ (920) 234-5133

Karl Huberty
Karl HubertySales - GSE International
Karl Graduated from St. Norbert College achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Biology followed by a Masters degree in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. He joined GSE International in 2018 and works in the sales department. He is keen on building long lasting business relationships and uses his natural outgoing personality to do so. He enjoys fishing, eating every kind of food, and anything sports related especially the Green Bay Packers. If you see him on Monday and he isn’t smiling the Packers probably lost that weekend, be nice to him.
☎ (920) 234-5133
Jon Rost
Jon RostPresident - Innovation Applied
Jon graduated from the University of Wisconsin with degrees in Journalism and English. Jon joined Jacobson Advertising in the early 70s. Partnering with Tryg Jacobson, under the Jacobson Rost banner, they grew the small B2B group into a $60 million agency, serving regional, national and international consumer durables, food and packaged goods clients. After “retiring” from the agency, Jon co-founded Innovation Applied, an innovation and implementation consulting business that integrates product development, marketing and sales. In his spare time Jon enjoys time on Crystal Lake and is President of HearthStone of Wisconsin.
Joel Sanderson
Joel SandersonSenior Commercial Project Manage - Rebate Bus
Joining Rebate Bus as a Senior Commercial Project Manager in June 2018, Joel Sandersen brings nearly 20 years of experience working with incentive programs across the country to his role. Prior to joining Rebate Bus, Joel was employed by Orion Energy Systems, and Contemporary Energy Solutions where he managed hundreds of incentives, including a number of multi-site national campaigns, for companies in the United States and Canada.
Robert Melzer
Robert MelzerAttorney at Law
Robert represents individuals and family business owners in a wide range of legal matters. He has been with Rohde Dales since 1974, becoming a partner of the firm in 1977. He has forty years of experience in counseling family business owners and in some cases has represented three generations of family business owners. His practice is concentrated in the formation and operation of family businesses, which includes corporate governance, business planning, stock transfer agreements, succession planning and the purchase and sale of businesses. Bob is the senior family business advisor and has served as an officer, director, trustee and mentor for family business ranging in size from relatively modest businesses to businesses of national and/or international scope. Bob also finds time to be active in nonprofit and charitable organizations. He has served on the Lakeland University Board of Trustees for over 30 years and formerly served as the Chairperson of the Board. He also serves as a director of the Lakeland University Foundation and the Wisconsin Ice Age Trail. Along with other non-profits. Bob previously served as the President of the Sheboygan Economic Club and the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association, and is a director of several private charitable foundations.
Dan Menzer
Dan MenzerBroker / Owner - Home Seekers Realty Group.
Dan is a lifelong resident of Sheboygan, attending both Sheboygan Lutheran High School, and UW – Sheboygan. From there Dan went on to stay local and open various small businesses in the area. Dan has been licensed in Real Estate since 2014, and just recently decided to open his own brokerage to offer an even higher level of service to his clients. He understands that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction, its a life changing experience. That’s why Dan is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all clients.
Foua Hang
Foua Hang Manager in the Career Placement Center at Lakeshore Technical College
When she’s not coordinating internships or the LTC Dream Big Business Start Up program at Jake’s, Foua’s helping students with their job search, reviewing resumes, and meeting with employers to fill their workforce needs. At home, she stays busy enjoying time with her husband and three daughters.
Jerry Gartner
Jerry GartnerIT Manager - Gartner Technology
I first got my hands on a computer in 1989 where at once I fell in love with the new technology. Since then, I have had my hands and head inside thousands of computers, servers and workstations, virtual environments, networks, WiFi hotspots, and remote systems. I’ve created dozens of websites and web applications with technologies like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. I speak Windows, Mac, and Linux fluently and I thrive on finding ways to make tech work for you.
☎ (920) 547-4407
John C. Miller
John C. MillerRetired lawyer and manufacturing Executive
John and his wife Kate have two children and 5 grandchildren. Directorships: LTC Foundation and Nourish Farms. Principal activity: he and Kate create scholarships and otherwise to help those in need of mental health assistance, preschool education by teaming with The United Way, food banks, education/delivery of healthy food, LTC student needs, recreational needs of handicapped people, diversity assistance programs at Marquette and Georgetown universities, Family Connections, Planned Parenthood along with several other community and societal needs.
Dan Huber
Dan HuberCounselor - Lighthouse Counseling
JoKasha Klest, LCSW
JoKasha Klest, LCSWTherapist - Lighthouse Therapy
As a therapist for more than thirty years, JoKasha has devoted her practice to using remarkably effective and efficient methods of resolving a variety of mental health issues.
Dr. Baley Schubert
Dr. Baley SchubertChiropractic Medicine
With a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from UW-Stout and a doctorate in chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic; nutrition and well being have always been an important part of my lifestyle. I love talking about how properly fueling the body and getting your spine regularly checked can help oneself live to their optimal potential. My passion is helping athletes to achieve and maintain peak performance.

I specialize in chiropractic adjustments, extremity adjustments, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Nimmo, Cupping, and Pin and stretch technique. I also am Webster certified so that I can work with pregnant mamas throughout their pregnancy.

I love travel, adventure and coffee! My boyfriend and I enjoy trying new cuisine and seeking out the best ice cream. Otherwise, you can find me working out in my living room or in the aisles of your local Target.

Mason Edmison
Mason Edmison
Elizabeth G. Rich
Elizabeth G. RichAttorney
I am the founder and President of Andrew’s Voice, Inc. I am a Wisconsin attorney and a registered lobbyist. I am also Andrew’s mom. For more than 30 years, I have practiced estate planning, business, environmental and agricultural law. My clients have been small business owners, farmers, and artisan food producers. Beginning in 2018, I shifted the focus of my practice to mental health law. My motivation in doing so was my observations about how the system deprived Andrew of civil liberties, and not only failed to meet his basic medical needs but prevented him and his family from doing so. Tragically, Andrew’s short life came to an end in January of 2019. It is my mission and passion to promote awareness of the problems with mental health laws and treatment, and to advocate for reform of the system that failed my son and is continuing to fail so many of the most vulnerable among us. – Elizabeth Gamsky Rich
John Esch
John EschPresident - Esch Advisors and Asset Management
John is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Fiduciary and Fee Based Money Manager with over 40 years of investment management experience. He works with a back office of 20 professionals in Madison, WI. Trades clear through Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of the Bank of New York.
John is a graduate of St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN and has traveled and studied culture and religion at Universities in Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan.
Special Olympics has been his focus for many years where John coached an adult Special Olympics Swim Team. He has been active on the boards of the Red Cross, Salvation Army and YMCA.
John and his wife, Kris, enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, diving, motorcycling and playing with grandchildren.
Brandon Bartow
Brandon BartowPresident, Bartow Builders
I am Brandon Bartow, President of Bartow Builders. Bartow Builders started in the fall of 1999, with the intention of being a building/remodeling firm that concentrated on great craftsmanship, entire management of the project, and great customer relations. It was never assumed that we would be as big of a small business as we are, but learning to share talents and take care of customers, tradesman, and employees has allowed us growth beyond our intentions. We are blessed with many talented, dedicated employees who put their heart and soul into each project that we perform.
Dani Leggett
Dani LeggettMarketing And Finance Director Bartow Builders
Dani is the marketing and Finance Director for Manitowoc Home Builder Bartow Builders. Bartow Builders has been operating in Manitowoc County for over 18 years, providing new construction, remodeling, additions, commercial build-outs and repairs. They’re now expanding into the Sheboygan area. Having their own team of carpenters has allowed Bartow Builders to control quality, time lines, and the education of our craftsman in an ever changing industry. They collaborate with the top trade partners in the area. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Communication, educating the customer on selections and managing expectations throughout the process are all the ways Bartow Builders works to make this happen.
Julilly Kohler
Julilly KohlerDeveloper and Philanthropist
Julilly Kohler is a Milwaukee real estate developer and philanthropist. In the past, she has been a Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney and Divorce Lawyer and has also served on the City Plan Commission. She has been one of the driving forces behind the revitalization of Brady Street in Milwaukee.

Julilly developed and resides in the Kane Commons multi-family development. She also developed the Passeggio multi-use development on east end of Brady Street.
She is currently working with former member Darryl Gumm on preserving important artifacts from the estate of her late brother Collin Kohler.

Cadi Zhang
Cadi ZhangInnovator Fellowship
I’m Cadi Zhang and I’m currently a junior at North High School!
Drawing and reading are by far one of my favorite pastimes but you can also find me on the tennis court, practicing photography, out trapshooting, or simply on a stroll in the woods. My passion lies in business and science and I aspire to be an entrepreneur in the future. Currently, I’m the president of Science Olympiad, an officer for Model UN, and apart of Interact, DECA, and Blue Crew at our school.

My project this year is to help low-income families and especially children to have enough food over the summer. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Jake’s Cafe throughout the school year and I hope I can make this project a reality!

Jackson Pond
Jackson PondInnovator Fellowship
I’m Jackson, Innovator Fellow and senior at Sheboygan North High School. I am on the sailing team and swim team at North, and am also the editor of the yearbook. I fancy myself an amateur photographer and journalist. Outside of school, I love to ski, play piano, and read lots and lots of books. I also love to spend time with my eight siblings! My religion is a very important part of my life, and I actively participate in my local church. For good or for bad, much of my time currently is being spent on college applications and scholarships. After high school, I plan on serving a two-year service mission for my church, and hope to attend Brigham Young University afterward.
Elaine Sun
Elaine SunInnovator Fellowship
I am Elaine Sun, a junior at Sheboygan North High School. I am involved in many extracurricular activities with my school and the community of Sheboygan. I like to swim, eat food, and I am a hurdler on the track team. I am a member of the Debate Team and the Forensics Team. I am also the Co-President of HOSA and the treasurer of Science Olympiad. This year, being a part of the innovator fellowship, I will be creating a project centered around the idea of protecting the environment and bring awareness to the severity of climate change. I am hoping to develop products that can replace plastic in our daily lives and make preserving the environment a new way of life.
Emily Resch
Emily ReschInnovator Fellowship
I’m Emily, and I’m a Senior at South High School. I enjoy cheerleading, fashion, and traveling. I am also designing and creating Project Soar! Project Soar will be a small outdoor attraction that will educate people on the migration of monarch butterflies. It will also be made out of mainly recycled materials to promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
Hannah Braatz
Hannah BraatzInnovator Fellowship
I’m Hannah, a junior at South High School. My project through the IF is interactive and artistic, with the intention to showcase Sheboygan’s many minority groups that aren’t as represented. Around 20 minority groups will have their own hand chair designed and painted to highlight their culture. These chairs will be then placed around Sheboygan for community members to appreciate different cultures, admire the art, and to simply sit-down! At South, I run cross-country and track. When I am not running, I am likely curled up in a book or watching Spanish dramas on Netflix.
Maddie Green
Maddie GreenInnovator Fellowship
Hi! I am Maddie Green, a senior at Sheboygan North High School. I am involved in many things within my school community and the community of Sheboygan. I am the captain of the Sheboygan North Varsity Dance Team, I dance at Dollhouse Dance Factory, I pole vault, and I run track. I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and work at Yoga on the Lake in Kohler. Next year I will be attending a 4-year university to pursue my education. Last year, as an Innovator Fellow, I founded “The Happiness Project” and raised $62,000 dollars for a 1400 square foot mual located at the Above and Beyond Children’s Museum, downtown Sheboygan. Currently, I am working on creating “The Buddy Bench Project”. I will be crafting and designing fun and colorful benches for local elementary schools and the City of Sheboygan. These benches will be safe places where friends can be made, and friendships can grow. My goal is to express the importance of kindness and friendship to kids of all ages and members of our community of Sheboygan through color and art:)
Treasure Wray
Treasure Wray Innovator Fellowship
I’m Treasure, one of the innovator fellows from North High School. I’m working on a fashion design project. My goal is to empower people to be authentic, be a leader, and stand for something while standing out.
I have always loved creating things and dressing up. It all started when I was very little, I practically came out the womb watching Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. Those shows are what got me interested in fashion. I also love music and enjoy listening to all genres but my favorite is r&b. Hanging out with my family is another thing that I enjoy. With two sisters, one brother and, lots of little cousins I’m always having fun. I also love taking naps.