Matthew David Hurtado
Matthew David Hurtado Founder and Minister
Matthew David Hurtado is a passionate student of The Bible, innovator, and developer of several ground-floor successful launches. Having to learn how to earn income online due to being bedridden with Lyme disease in 2009, Matthew launched his first funnel in 2010. He earmarked a top Youtube ranking — getting hundreds of thousands of visitors to his website each year, turning a fitness product idea into an overnight passive income cash machine. Matthew’s brands grew to several million dollars in sales in a few short years, producing several highly profitable income streams. Evolving into spiritual teaching and developing workshops, Matthew has taught and trained tens of thousands of people worldwide — writing three consecutive #1 bestselling books and also becoming a USA Today bestselling author. Father of three children, hockey coach, and home-school dad, Matthew excels in accomplishing goals. He has shared the stage teaching mindset development and goal achievement with former CIA, Navy SEAL, and other top industry professionals. Today, Matthew has reclaimed perfect wellbeing, trains like a pro athlete every day, and makes victory his mission wherever he shows up. TYTH is Matthew’s new focus: build a better human experience. It’s about legacy, honor, and doing the right thing for others.