Maddie Green

I am Maddie Green, a junior at Sheboygan North High School. I am involved in many things within my school community and the community of Sheboygan. I am part of the Sheboygan North Varsity Dance Team, I pole vault and run track. Last year, I created The Empathy Project at North High. The Empathy Project focused on non-judgment and celebrating individual’s differences and beauty. I have recently become a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and I coach gymnastics at the Sheboygan YMCA. As of right now, I am interested in going into medical school after attending a 4-year university. Currently, I am founding “The Happiness Project” through the innovator fellowship here at Jake’s Cafe. My goal is to help the people of Sheboygan understand the true meaning behind happiness and help them find their happy:) #findyourhappy