Isabella Froh
Isabella FrohInnovator Fellowship Program
My name is Isabella Froh. I’m a Junior at North High School and also one of this year’s Innovator Fellows. Performing is one of my main passions, so I am involved in drama productions throughout the year. I also take part in my school’s show choir, Northern Lights.

Outside of school, I work at Texas Roadhouse, and I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Through the Innovator Fellowship, I will be installing audio loop systems in big stores throughout Sheboygan. As someone who lives with hearing loss, I understand the struggle and how hard it is to hear properly in loud settings. This project will allow the hearing impaired to connect with a store’s audio loop system, so they can hear the cashier’s voice through their hearing aid. My project will make it easier for those of us who cannot hear to have a normal shopping experience.