George Phillips
George PhillipsInnovator Fellowship Program
George is a Junior at Sheboygan North and has been exploring many passions from a young age. He enjoys playing classical and jazz piano, percussion and string bass. Whenever he walks by a keyboard, he loves to try out a new musical idea. His favorite way to compose a new piece is to mix styles and genres. George plays piano with the North High Jazz Ensemble and the Milwaukee Jazz Institute’s So What Ensemble. He likes the challenge of classes in website design and JAVA programming. He is building leadership skills in his roles as co-president, website manager and social media manager of his favorite clubs at North High.

George believes that music brings a diverse community together. Jazz events are especially empowering, because they are interactive, spontaneous, and expressive. These ideas inspired George to create an Innovator Fellowship Project which promotes live jazz in the Sheboygan area. He is building a website called Sheboogie, which will connect musicians to resources and cultivate more live jazz performances.

George is also passionate about the sounds of the outdoor world. He loves to run, ski, and bike through Wisconsin’s beautiful forests where the wind creates the music. He listens to cranes, geese, and loons while paddle-boarding with friends, family and his 11-year old dog. In spring, he listens for the sound of a tennis ball bouncing off asphalt at the North High tennis court. In winter, he tries to make the metal target clang in a biathlon race. George is very grateful for life in Sheboygan and admires the people who work to make it even better. George volunteers with Interact Club and also in a local emergency room.