Eilleen English
Eilleen EnglishInnovator Fellowship Program
I was born in Georgia and moved to Sheboygan when I was young. From a young age, I have always loved music. Whether it was banging spoons together at the dinner table or starting piano lessons when I entered kindergarten, music was a constant part of my life. As I grew up, I became more involved with music in the community. I joined the Sheboygan Youth Symphony and began playing music at mass and cantering. I’ve also participated in musical competitions. This fall, I will run cross country and be the pianist for the school musical. During the winter, I’ll be in robotics and play on on North High School’s Drumline. Next spring, I’ll be racing on the North High sailing team.

Beyond my passion for music is a love for learning, exploring and creativity. In my free time, I love exploring parks with family and friends, reading and sailing. In the summer, I teach sailing. I love watching the kids go from being scared of the water to conquering beautiful Lake Michigan in their sailboats. Instructing sailing led me to seek out opportunities to help children beyond our sailing school. I joined Delta, a group of young students, who fight food insecurities in Sheboygan. Our impact will never cease to amaze me. Throughout this year, it is my goal to share my love for music with our community by creating music installations that encourage creative expression within children and families.