Project Description

Rose Phillips
Rose PhillipsExecutive Director, Glacial Lakes Conservancy
I am a Silver Lake College graduate with a degree in Biology and Natural Science. I have been an environmental y conscious nerd my entire life; I was the kind of child who created a “vegetarian club”, wrote letters and created petitions to encourage change in political and corporate practices, and organized after-school litter cleanup events. I was raised in the country, an outdoorsy-kind-of- girl, who loved animals and wildlife, and believed in bringing awareness of issues to all those within earshot of me. Oddly enough, not much has changed. I am proud to have carried these childhood passions into my adulthood and to be able to direct them into my work with Glacial Lakes Conservancy (GLC) where I’m currently employed as the Interim Executive Director. I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of GLC: “To permanently preserve and protect our land and water resources for future generations”. I look forward to supporting the residents of the five counties we work with to maintain and increase the acreage of land that is protected under conservation easements. I also hope to inspire more contributions and community involvement in our organization. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three amazing daughters. I also enjoy hiking, exploring nature, yoga, mycology, writing, permaculture, organic gardening, and vegetarian cooking. I believe it is important to stay engaged in community issues and activities and my daily goal is to learn something new. I love to learn! #KnowledgeIsPower