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Melodee Uribe
Melodee UribeNutritionist
Not many people can say they love their job as much as I do. I’m truly blessed and can honestly say I love my job! I love to help people, and I love to see them feel well again. In July of 2014, I earned my certification as a Natural Health Practitioner and soon after became a Doctor of Naturopathy. As a natural health practitioner, my goal is to address the root causes of your health concerns instead of treating or suppressing your symptoms with potentially harmful drugs. Recently, and with great success, I have been helping women dealing with infertility issues. Using a natural regimen, my clients have each become pregnant and delivered healthy babies! It has been and continues to be a joy and a privilege. I cry tears of happiness every time a new mom tells me she is pregnant! If you desire a natural approach in dealing with your health concerns, I would love to help you. I have witnessed time and time again, the positive results using natural alternatives. My hope is to share them with you.