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How many great friends do you have that you don’t trust. How many stocks do you invest in that you don’t trust. Not many? No surprise. Brands are like that too. People put value in that which they trust, and little value in that which they don’t. Brand-building is simply the process of building trust.

So brand building requires two things. Making a promise, and keeping it. The more unique and meaningful your promise and the better you keep it, the more trustworthy and “valuable” your brand will become over time.

Good brand models incorporate five key ingredients. First, a clear definition of your audience. Second, an accurate frame of reference. Third, a unique/meaningful promise. Fourth, a brand experience which incorporates as many of the five senses as possible. Fifth, a means of validating or proving you can deliver on your promise. Below is an example of a good brand model for WHOLE FOODS that all brand managers/stewards should refer to when making even the simplest decisions.

Branding is not about spending money. It’s about discipline. It’s about making promises and keeping them. And it’s about not making promises you can’t keep.

How disciplined are you? If I could help you increase the success of your next brand launch, or just or promise to put a little more fire into an existing one, would you be interested? I’ve done it for 100’s of local, regional and national consumer and B2B brands in countless categories…but as CEO of one Wisconsin’s finest advertising agencies for nearly thirty years, that should come as no surprise.

Let’s just have lunch and talk. No obligations. No pressure. Just a good heart-to-heart talk on your passion. And mine.

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