Chrissy McAtte

Howdy, my name is Christine McAtee and I am a senior at Sheboygan North high school. If I’m not in class at North, I can be found at the tennis courts or in Lake Michigan catching waves with my surfboard, Freddy.
This year as an Innovator Fellow I will be creating a project that will help bring awareness to drug addiction and the effects on both the addict themself and the loved ones. My vision for the project is to create an art exhibit which will portray the effects of drug addiction. My hope is to design an exhibit that the community will be allowed to walk into and be enclosed in this person’s mindset and their view of the world. I am hoping to contact addicts both recovered and those who are still using to interview them. After interviewing them, my plan is to create an exhibit that depicts what they are experiencing. If you feel like you could be of assistance in anyway, please contact me at Thank you!