Carolyne Van Deventer
Carolyne Van DeventerInnovator Fellow
Hello, my name is Carolyne van Deventer and I am currently a Junior at North High School as well as an Innovator Fellow. I am highly active with the Varsity tennis team as well as the Sailing team. I additionally enjoy surfing and windsurfing on our very own Lake Michigan. My Innovator Fellowship Project is all about making the great sport of surfing available to those living with disabilities!

Through the Innovator Fellowship, I am hoping to create an adaptive surf program for those who are physically challenged. The program would focus on ensuring safety and comfort for those participating, as well as creating an encouraging environment of fun and learning. The purpose of my project is to allow those with physical limitations to overcome something other than the circumstances in their lives by an introduction to an unforgettable sport. With my love of water and surfing, coupled with my passion for helping others, I want to give an experience to those who would otherwise not be given the chance.