SCEDC –  The Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP), an 8-week business start-up course, offered by the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UW Green Bay to provide you with tools for business idea testing and business model improvement.

Enroll online for our April 2019 class.

Who is it for?
  • start-up businesses
  • Owners of small businesses
  • Successful companies adding new service or product line
What will I learn?
Week 1 – Introduction and Ideation
  • Business Model Canvas – ideation
  • Business mission statement, vision, products & services
Week 2 – Understanding your Market and Industry
  • Define your market using the Value Proposition Canvas
  • Identify the target customer
  • Competitive advantage and interviewing potential customers
  • Understanding your industry trends
Week 3 – Marketing Your Product or Service
  • The basics of marketing
  • Develop communications plan
  • Digital marketing strategies
Week 4 – Legal and Operations
  • Legal entity options
  • Basics of employment law
  • Basics of patents, copyright, trademarks & trade secrets
  • Buying a business or franchise
  • An overview of business operations
Week 5 – Human Resource Management and Operations
  • Management/personnel regulations and job descriptions
  • Hiring the first employee, including recruiting & interviewing
  • Operations process & customer experience
Week 6 – Accounting and Record Keeping
  • Recordkeeping and options for doing so
  • Accounting basics: balance sheets and income statements
  • Income and other taxes
Week 7 – Financing
  • Options for financing a business: equity and debt
  • Importance factors including credit for bank financing
  • Steps for applying for a loan
  • Different reasons for borrowing money
Week 8 – Putting it all together
  • Review of the business plan sections – putting it all together
  • Executive summary
  • Pitch deck and practice
Individuals who go through the ETP class end with a workable business plan.