JAKE’S CAFE- Allélón is the Greek word that means: One Another, each other, mutually, reciprocally.

One-another, is what connects all things and is the feeling of participating in something greater than oneself, yet also includes oneself. In nature, this is the principle of interdependence: everything depends on the web of others that surrounds it for its survival. The loss of any one-another diminishes our own wholeness, health, and selves; something of our very being is lost.

My dad “Jake” always used to say, “It takes two logs to build a fire”. It’s true! You can’t build a first with just one log. Life is that way too, which is why we need other people….if we want to start our own little fires:-). This is the driving force behind Jake’s Cafe. Here, we believe in the power of community. In it’s creativity. In it’s productivity. But more importantly, in what it offers to make our lives and work more joyful. Come to Jake’s Cafe. Feel the warmth!

If you’re like to learn a little more about “Allelon” you might enjoy this website by John and Mary Johnston. http://thefrugalprosumer.com