JAKE’S CAFE- Cori Salchert joined Jake’s a few years ago when she needed some quiet time to write a book. It wasn’t any book for Cori Salchert, but rather a book to encourage others to join the ministry of loving the little ones who struggle after birth. Hospice babies. Cori’s book “I Will Love You Forever” will soon be shipped to distribution centers at Amazon/Barnes and Noble. It’s a must read. It will change you for good.

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If the blessing to care and love her little ones were not already enough, Cori and and her family have shared their baby hospice ministry across the US, on television, radio, churches and other public speaking engagements. It’s not a self-serving tour for Cori Salchert. Instead, her passion is to encourage others who either don’t know about the need to care for hospice babies or just need encouragement to join this ministry. You can learn more at Cori’s website, safehaven4babies.org.

In the meantime, we invite you to watch this tribute to Cori and her family for their wonderful ministry. This song, “Halo”, was performed live before Cori Salchert and her daughter Charity, on the Today Show last December. It was written by Cathy Lee Giffordd and sung by Emma Degerstedt, currently in the off-broadway musical “Desperate Measures.” The song is a blessing, and may even stir in your heart, the need to either support or join Cori’s ministry.