SHEBOYGAN- Tryg Jacobson, a well-known Sheboygan branding expert with more than three decades of advertising and marketing experience under his belt, served Lakeland University this fall as a guest instructor.

His special topics three-credit course, called “Brand Anatomy,” included 10 LU marketing students, and was the first of many such courses to come.

“It was one of the highlights of my life,” said Jacobson. “The students were fantastic, and did a great job. It was an amazing experience for everyone. Especially me.”

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Jacobson taught as part of the Executive in Residence program in Lakeland’s J. Garland Schilcutt School of Business and Entrepreneurship, which involves local professionals instructing classes in areas of expertise on Lakeland’s main campus. Moving forward, other local experts in their fields will be invited to teach special topics classes on Lakeland’s campus.

Scott Niederjohn, dean of Lakeland University’s School of Business and Entrepreneurship, said the Executive in Residence program existed more than three decades ago when the late local business icon Terry Kohler taught classes on campus and we are very pleased to bring it back for the benefit of our students.

“We think the Executive in Residence program provides our students with a great opportunity to engage and connect with leaders from our thriving business community,” said Niederjohn.

“Our students benefit not only from being in a credit-bearing class that teaches them real-world lessons, but also by the connection they can make with the resident instructor – who can open doors for them.”