The prospects for the Milwaukee Commons program to expand it’s reach into Sheboygan County are promising, according to Michael Hosted, Executive Director of Innovation in Milwaukee. The Commons, which got it’s start at Ward 4 in Milwaukee two years ago, has drawn in nearly 15 area colleges to learn entrepreneurship and work with area companies to explore new markets, new products and tackle tough businesses problems.

“The Milwaukee program has been quite successful, and now we’re looking to move north. Sheboygan County has everything we need.  World class companies serving a variety of industries and over 10 colleges. What we need now is funding, mentors and coaches,” said Hosted. “We’re well along in our funding, but we’re still looking for more financial support from area companies to ensure a January launch.”

The Commons program could be an important recruitment tool for area companies, according to Hosted.  “It affords the opportunity for some of the best and brightest college/university students in the area to work with coaches and mentors from world-class companies in the area.  Several Sheboygan County companies have already participated in the Milwaukee-based chapter, and are excited about northward expansion.