Jake’s Cafe- There will be an informational briefing about The Commons, an entrepreneurial skills accelerator based in Milwaukee that focuses on developing the entrepreneurial mindset in college and high school students. After a successful pilot program in Sheboygan in March, The Commons is looking to Sheboygan to be the first in its plans for statewide expansion. The program focuses on retaining innovative talent in Wisconsin and connecting that talent to local corporations and startups.

Friday, September 8th, from 2pm to 3:30pm at Jake’s Cafe (529 Ontario Ave., Sheboygan) for an overview from The Commons’ founders and a discussion about how to collaboratively develop this program in Sheboygan. At a time when talent is in high demand, especially in the Sheboygan area, we’re excited for you to share your input.

Watch a short video highlighting the success of a recent Commons alumna

Michael Hostad
The Commons

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