Sheboygan- Tryg Jacobson, founder and owner of Sheboygan-based Jake’s Cafe, will join Lakeland University’s staff  this fall semester as their first “Executive in Residence”.  He will maintain regular hours on campus to interact and consult with the university’s staff and students, and will also teach a course in branding called “Brand Anatomy”.  The class will be offered Monday evenings from 6pm to 8:30 pm.

The branding course is designed for students considering careers in advertising and brand management, according to Jacobson.  “We will concentrate on branding fundamentals common to both. We will also put into practice many of the same tools students will one day use in the workplace… from brainstorming/ideation techniques, to creative strategy work-plan development, ad creation, brand modeling, new product development and business start-up pitches.  We will also apply much of what we learn to help them develop their “personal” brands.”