“When you like nice environments, you create them everywhere,” says Elba Mueller, when complemented on her warm, inviting space upstairs at Jake’s Café.

Today she sits at her desk in front of a beautiful vinyl library mural she ordered from Poland, aromatic oils are running gently in a small fountain by the window, a soft bittersweet-colored chair is meant to be sat upon, and natural light warms the room. Elba says she originally came to Jake’s because of the beautiful buildings, and she has definitely found the charm of her own Jake’s environment.

She’s only been in this particular space for 6 months or so; she had originally been in a larger part of the Jake’s community. But recently her focus has changed from training and group work, to writing her latest book, Beginners Guide to Happiness, and working on her blog. The cozier environment has helped spur her on as she writes. “My book was born in this office,” she states. “Time flies amazingly quickly here.”

She hopes to be able to use the space to schedule public speaking engagements in the future, and has recently added personal appointments and a Life Development Training on anxiety coming up on April 20th.

And above all, she continues to encourage us all to take time out of every day to steal a moment of extraordinary beauty.