We at Jake’s have had the pleasure of exploring some of the spaces Jake’s members call home for our new “Faces and Spaces” series. And a great place to start is the office of Kurt Corneliesen, of KVC Capital Management. Walk with us through the main entrance, past the mailboxes, and just before you turn right to walk the Pineapple Passthru, look left, and there you’ll find Kurt in his modest office, dominated by 4 very active computer screens.


Kurt was drawn to screen trading early on, starting on the Trading Floor in Chicago in the early 2000s, and his panel of monitors is positively Spartan compared to his most recent office pod. That space was dominated by 24 even larger screens, all tracking the financial markets. But he is happy to call his diminutive, naturally-lit space at Jake’s his office “home.”


Kurt is friendly and frugal by nature, and every item in his space serves a purpose, even if that purpose is to remind him of his accomplishments—which spur him on to accomplish even more. On display on his walls are his jacket and beat-up tie from the Trading Floor, meaningful photos, certificates, and, to remind him of one of his favorite accomplishments: artwork by his kids.


Next time you come to Jake’s, if you see a light on in the KVC Capital Management office, wave “hi” to Kurt and his screens!