Is passion a virtue or can it be a vice? Is inspiration and happiness to be found or is it an innate quality of being a human soul, and, if so, how can we access it? Are we the bosses of our thoughts or have we become the slaves of thinking?  These are just a few of the questions that Jake’s Cafe member Elba Mueller addresses in her new book, “Beginners Guide To Happiness:  15 Secrets for a Richer, More Fulfilling Life.”

 “In this book”, smiles Mueller, “you will find hope, but, more than that, you will find new views to realize yourself as a powerful being.”   With great power comes great responsibility, according the Mueller.  And its quickly apparent in Mueller’s debut as a wellness writer.  Elba brings to her wellness philosophy some extraordinary credentials beginning with a law degree from Universidad Nuevo Mundo in Mexico City and wide experience working in the administration field.  It was this very demanding workstyle and  face-paced life where she experienced firsthand the effects of high stress levels.  Ultimately, it prompted her to research mental wellness and ultimately write this book.

Elba is also certified in meditation by the internationally recognized Chopra Center for Wellbeing, and is currently studying for a degree in personality assessment and analysis at the Enneagram Institute.

“I’m sure that anyone who is willing to read with an open mind”, smiles Mueller, “will benefit from the content of this book.”