Mz. Tree (Kyane Howland), a former member of Jake’s Cafe recruited Jake’s Cafe member Mandy Tran for a rather interesting trademark protection case.  Mandy not only helped Howland protect the Mz. Tree name but then took on a billion dollar video gaming company who challenged the lawsuit for nearly a year. “We won that David and Goliath fight”, said Howland, “And with Mandy’s brilliant legal representation and letter writing we took down the company’s logic and bullying.”

Howland, who is also an R.N. M.A., dreamed up the name Mz. Tree during her stay at Jake’s.  Mz Tree’s name was inspired by much of Einstein’s work as well as Socrates who said “wonder” is the highest form of intelligence.  Mz. Tree has two new CD’s Blueberry Sky and Lullaby Sky.  She also has two companion books, Arden in the Garden, illustrated by local watercolor artist Evie Grasse and Tick Tock Tuck illustrated by Plastico Penoloza.

Howland believes the creative velocity at Jake’s Cafe helped her achieve the amazing production of four products that are helping kids wake up and take care of each other and the earth.  They are based on a philosophy she calls “Five Alive”.  It will soon be found on her  website which is current under design by Jake’s Cafe member Jerry Gartner.

“The beauty of Jake’s Cafe is one never leaves its creative field”, says Kyane.  “The connections continue to make a difference!”