Jake’s Cafe now has an art gallery featuring the collection of the Chris and Janet Graf trust.  Its not your ordinary collection, because over the years, Chris and Janet collected works by Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer, Pablo Picasso, David Bates, Ben Shahn, Toulouse Latrec, Rauschenberg, Jim Dine and many others.  Whether you’re a browser or a buyer, you’ll certainly enjoy seeing the work.

Currently, we are featuring the work of Vernon Fisher and Leslie Dill.

Vernon Fisher (1943-present) is an American artist whose creative essence pools into this world through chalked sketches, collaged images, and cartoon characters. His pieces show analytical thought and human tendencies, two different spectrums of information that clash together in a striking motion. “My paintings usually have a narrative thread. We tend to believe the narrative, we want things to hang together as a story. And when I employ formal strategies that undercut the narrative, it can be disconcerting to some viewers (but hopefully delightful to others),” Fisher said. Though he stayed in Fort Worth during the beginning of his art life, a place not well known for its artistic community, he was able to pull through with the talent he showed and the artistic envisions he held. He found art when he had to take a required art course during his college education and fell in love with it. He taught art at the University of North Texas as the Regents Professor of Art.  Currently, he lives and works in his studio in Fort Worth.
Lesley Dill (1950-present) is an American artist, well versed in experimentations of material, medium, and language in her pieces. Some display great tragedy through poetry and hair. Others show stories of love, inner struggle, insanity, peace, anger, all of the emotions of the human soul come together with an eerie twist in her pieces. She has the ability to transfer strength through something as fragile as paper, weaving elegance throughout. After growing up in Maine, she went on to receive many degrees from different colleges. A BFA in English, an MFA in Teaching, and an MFA in Fine Arts, all of which translate to her daily life today, where she makes language induced art and teaches art as well.