An “intrepreneurship” program launched last year at Ward 4 in Milwaukee may be coming to Jake’s Cafe Creative Community, according to Tryg Jacobson, president of Jake’s Cafe.  “The program is designed to more connect college students with many of the larger companies in Sheboygan County, by giving them mentors and coaches to solve meaningful business problems”, said Jacobson.
The latest conversation was exciting and there was clear interest, according to Joe Poeschl, presidents of  the Commons project. Here were his comments from the meeting:
  • We reviewed the history of how The Commons came to be, progress thus far, and what we’ve learned along the way.
  • We discussed examples of the student startup and corporate innovation projects that have come from the program, as well as stories from students that have gone through the experience.
  • We then walked through several areas of growth opportunity: our alumni network, our mentor network, building out K12 programming, further involvement from the business community and geographic growth
  • The conversation opened up to address the student composition of several colleges within 30 minutes of Sheboygan County, and the potential demand for this type of programming.  We agreed that this type of programming would be beneficial to area college students and align with the needs of the Sheboygan County business community
  • Discussion led to the idea that The Commons facilitating a weekend-long “innovation hackathon” followed by two day-long workshops would be a good pilot for this upcoming spring semester. With a manageable amount of work, we could validate student demand, prove community engagement, build the needed relationships, advance projects a fair amount and assess learning/engagement outcomes. This could then lead to more robust programming opportunities in the future.