At Jake’s Cafe, we’ve looked for ways to pair up students with area businesses for over six years including students from Lakeland College, Lakeshore Technical College, North High School and Etude.  We’ve had some great results, and we are finding it serves a variety of needs.  Most of all, it provides an opportunity for students to get a dose of  “real” world business at a young age….and it also provides a wonderful venue for area businesses to recruit young talent before it leaves the area.  The net is this.  Area businesses can provide great opportunities for young people to compliment and complete their education.

In Milwaukee, there is a place called “The Commons”, and according to their website, “it’s not your normal class project, nor is it your average internship.” And they’re right!  “The Commons is a bold collaboration between 24 southeast Wisconsin colleges and universities, our local business community and the region’s entrepreneurs. The program blends startup ventures with corporate innovation and layers on 150+ mentoring professionals to give you a truly unique, real-world experience.”

Now imagine something like this in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Imagine area businesses like Kohler, Sargento, Rockline, Johnsonville, Viking Masek, Plenco, Bemis, Acuity and others tapping into young, highly creative and energetic minds to tackle business problems.  Imagine students from Marion College, Silver Lake College, Lakeland College and Lakeshore Technical College all coming together in one place to provide a similar venue as “The Commons” in Milwaukee.  Well, it could happen right here in Sheboygan, because on December 1st, some of our areas best and brightest minds in education will meet at the Jake’s Cafe Creative Community to discuss the idea.

If this subject interests you, we invite and encourage you to contact the education institutions in your area and let them know.  The more grass roots support we receive from area industry, the more likely it is that it will happen!