Calling all Road Warriors!  Many of my friends spend a considerable amount of time on the road.  They’re traveling salesman, and this is par for the course.  Between appointments, they’re working out of their cars, hotel rooms and coffee shops for obvious reasons. Where else are they going to go?  Well, road warriors traveling through Sheboygan, Wisconsin, have a wonderful option.  Jake’s Cafe.  It’s a great cowork space.

There are many advantages to using a coworking space when you’re on the road, but the one big reason is the people you meet and the connections you can establish.  Jake’s Cafe offers a nice menu of amenities.  You may have to plan ahead for a few things…like our boardroom, massage, specialized IT assistance, etc.  but on most days….you can rely on a nice cup of coffee (or our “all-cure” Ginger Tea), reception service, meeting rooms, full color printer access, relaxing to a TED Talk in our comfortable lounge, and on Tuesday thru Friday a salad or sandwich in our indoor/outdoor cafe.  But most  days, you might even strike up an interesting conversation with a fellow road warrior…and it might take you places you’ve never been.

If you’re on the road, give Jake’s Cafe a try.  I may be biased, but I truly believe that Jake’s Cafe is one of the finest coworking spaces in Wisconsin.  You’ll find me here on most days…keeping the Jake’s promise.