Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Sheboygan and manifesting itself in some good iniatives.  At Jake’s Cafe, we’re doing a number of things to make our environment more accomodating to the needs of business, but it’s exciting to see some new energy coming out of Lakeland College.
Lakeland College is looking at a new program in entrepreneurship patterned after the The Commons in Ward 4 Milwaukee. The program (still in it’s infancy stage) is being lead by Scott Niederjohn, Dean of Lakeland’s School of Business & Entrepreneurship. The idea is to draw students from area colleges to essentially create think tanks which would be available for area businesses as a resource to solve problems.
What Lakeland College has here is a great idea, and there is already proof of concept.  What Lakeland College really needs is the backing of area businesses to financially support ideas like this.  It’s bold, new thinking and its the kind of thinking that is already changing how Sheboygan County is being viewed in areas entrepreneurship, innovation and business climate.