Yeng Designs Jake’s New Website

Jake’s Cafe will be launching a new website on September 13th!  It was produced by one of our own members, Yeng Yang.  Yeng is the 2016 recipient of Lakeshore Technical College’s  “Dream Big Award”.  In addition to serving a growing list of clients, Yeng has been working on the Jake’s Cafe website redesign since June.

“When we interviewed Yeng for the Dream Big Award”, said Tryg Jacobson, found of Jake’s Cafe,  “I was particularly impressed with Yeng’s interest in developing a website portal to help preserve and grow awareness for Sheboygan’s Hmong Culture.  “We have so many wonderful cultures in the Sheboygan County, and I feel a genuine concern for their preservation.  Yang had a big idea, and after reading his proposal and conducting a lengthy interview, Yeng demonstrated a solid belief belief in his cause, great web design/coding skills and a solid work ethic.  Just as important, his idea was scalable, and I felt that once he created a successful web portal for the Hmong community, he could work with other cultural communities to do the same.”

The new Jake’s Cafe website uses a slide format, so aside from being more graphically appealing, it’s simpler and easier to use.  The site will still feature complete access to all of the information from our original site. The desktop version will also feature a streaming video interface.  “I must say that I was delightfully surprised with Yeng’s graphic design and videography skills as well.  While it was my intention to give the Jake’s Cafe website a mild facelift, Yeng truly went the extra mile.  I simply turned over to Yeng the previous site permissions and he took over from there.  Where the WorkPress template had restrictions, Yeng was able to write new code to customize the site for our own unique applications!”

“As in any website redesign, there is always the concern for future website administration,” says Jacobson.  “Yeng also took the initiative to develop a complete tutorial with screenshots for making additions, deletions and revisions to the site.  This provides us the ability to take care of nearly 99% our of editorial content. This is a huge savings as well as a great convenience of us.  I’ve yet to work for a web developer who has provided such documentation.”

“I’m excited about our new website, but I have to say I’m even more excited about Yeng’s future as a website designer/developer. Yang is an “A” player, and  I’m as proud as I am delighted to have him in the Jake’s Cafe Creative Community!”