Elba Mueller hosts Face Reading based on Chinese Physiognomy event

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Face Reading based on Chinese Physiognomy

Date: 3/20/2016
Place: At Jakes Cafe
Time: 9:30 A.M. – 2:30 PM
I am pleased to introduced to you another path to knowing yourself based on the ancient Chinese science of Physiognomy,  which is intended to shows us deeper psychological aspects of our drives, intentions, talents, and more.
It sounds logical that your habits, drives, and lifestyle can be seen in your face.
Can your face match your subconscious personality, just like Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species?
I have invited a guest speaker from Mexico City. Adriana Cano, who, aside from being my friend, is also an attorney like me; however, her specialty is criminal analysis. During her experience in this field, she found commonalities among criminals in their facial features such as heavier eyebrows, bigger lips, etc. This fact awakened her interest and she began studying more in depth until she found Chinese Physiognomy among other personality assessment techniques.
Adriana Cano is actively presenting her studies to different organizations. She has been invited by respected television and radio stations in Mexico City and throughout Mexico.
In search of sharing her knowledge, she will be offering a workshop on Face Reading. Her English knowledge is not her strength, so she will be assisted by me as a simultaneous translator. The workshop will also contain an Introduction to Graphology, the science of understanding your psychology through handwriting.
I have been very impressed by her work, so I confidently share this invitation to all of you as an opportunity to understand yourself, significant others, and your children better so that you can make better decisions, shape the talents of your children, and open yourself to a world of compassion.
To see a video of Adriana’s presentation, click in the link below
Cost of Workshop: $60.00