The Hero In Heronemus

“Jake’s Cafe has been in collaboration with SEAS Sheboygan and Harken Inc. of Pewaukee toward the development of a system to get disabled sailors back on the water.  The system uses a biteswitch for steerage and touchpads for sail trim.  It was successfully tested Friday, September 4th off the Sheboygan’s lakeshore by Steven Heronemus.  Heronemus contracted ALS over 10 years ago, and has since lost the use of his arms/legs.  The system, which was designed by Steve Orlebeke of Harken along with Nick Chadwich and Rich Reichelsdorfer of SEAS, allows Steve complete control of the boat with a biteswitch and touchpads.  Tryg Jacobson, president of Jake’s Cafe and board member of SEAS, has been project manager on the effort since January 2, 2015.”
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Steve in Heaven
Video of Steve sailing by himself and taking his father for a sail –

Video testing equipment on the water –

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