Hello again,

Just to let you all know that out Saturday Paint Out in Greenbush went great! The new “Mullet River Artists” painted on Mullet Lane next to the Mullet River. Who’s Mullet you ask? He was the surveyor that surveyed this part of Sheboygan County back in the mid 1800’s. Mullet is also a little edible,spiny-finned fish that lives in both fresh and salt water and is no relation to our Mullet guy. Mullet is a French name and probably would be pronounced “Molay.” So, let’s hurray for Molay, hey?
Joan, Ruth, Mary, Marilyn, and I enjoyed a nice tour and lunch in the screen porch of Ginny Horn’s 1870 “Odd Fellows” lodge house. Ginny’s gardens and original painting collection is excellent including a 1920 landscape of rural Maine. This landscape painting is exactly what I consider to be the goal of our Mullet River Artists work which captures the pastoral and cultural landscapes of Western Sheboygan County. The weather was good and the fellowship fantastic.
It was also satisfying and a real surprise that both Joan’s and my paintings of Ginny’s house were purchased by Ginny and George right off our easels!!! Now that is a real painting host if there ever was one. Sales rule Number One: if you want a chance for a sale, paint someone’s house that likes and collects original art.
Alan's Painting
Next Saturday we will again meet in Downtown Greenbush to capture the cultural and historic landscapes that are there. Arrive at 9:00am near the Wade House. I’m thinking about either painting the feed mill or Dave Becker’s auto repair shop in action. They are the only businesses left in town. One day I asked the Postal Clerk, at the Greenbush post office that is attached behind Becker’s Garage, “What’s new in Greenbush?” She replied, “Well, the dog is running in a new direction today.”
Our painting group at Jake’s Cafe met last Thursday to discuss what we should do regarding leasing our space for another year or not. Dorothy volunteered to create a preliminary business plan to see if the time and expense is financially viable for another year for the four of us painters. Tryg wants us to stay and to enlarge the program with more artists leasing space and also creating more opportunities for sales in and around Sheboygan. Everything is still up in the air as to what will be our final action. Stay tuned.
I took down my 20 paintings that were showing for the month of June at The Glas House in Sheboygan. There were no sales, but I still think it is an opportunity for all of us to show our work in a compatible area. This week I will be meeting with Mr. Rip O’Dwanny to iron out the details of my program with him to supply many large oil paintings of Irish cultural landscapes for his five hotels. There is no dead lines on when or how many paintings I will be making for Rip. This is good as I hate having to stress and crunch my time as a retired guy.
My old friend Don Mueller will be visiting at Jake’s this week. Don used to have a framing shop and is willing to have me look over his equipment and help us set up our groups own framing shop. Personally, I will need many large frames over the next few years as well as many of you also will have this need. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could share the equipment and expense to make our own frames at cost? Just a thought. Some of you even have a designated work shop at your home that could be used for storing moldings and popular size frames. Let me know if you have any thoughts about this.
Keep the paint flying!