Dear Painters.

This Saturday we will be painting in Greenbush, (Al’s town of choice) and the weather looks to be good. We will be meeting between 9:00-9:30am across from the actual Wade House historic building (not at their new visitors center where some of you painted with Dan last winter.) Lunch will be at my friend Gennie’s beautiful and historic home just a block from the Wade House. Gennie’s home looks like a page from Home and Garden magazine and she has a nice collection of original framed art to view.

We will dine with our own lunch that you bring along. Gennie’s screened in dining room is wonderful and was the former home of a fancy “Tea Room” back in the 50’s where Ms. Christine Kohler hung out with friends from the Antiquarian Society. It was here that Ms. Kohler came up with the idea to purchase and restore the Old Wade House. Mrs. Dorst was a member of the group at that time and had owned  the Wade House for some twenty years previous as a summer retreat from her home in Chicago. She could not keep the place up and sold it to the Kohler Foundation which Ms. Kohler had founded a few years earlier.
I plan on painting Gennie’s house along with the c. 1856 Greenbush white clapboarded school house which the State Historical Society is allowing to be torn down! It is suppose to be gone sometime this summer and our paintings of the building will at least be a record of this local landmark. I will tell you more about the neighborhood when we all meet on Saturday.
Also, I have booked 20 rooms in Ennis, Ireland for October 20-28, 2015. That’s over a year away so that you all can consider coming with Marilyn and myself on a painting tour of Western Ireland. Kitty Klich hosted a similar trip two other times through the Plymouth Arts Center and Penny has gone on both trips plus two other times. I plan on asking other art centers to join our group in filling up the rooms. The projected cost at this point is around $1,800 per person, two in a room, for seven days away. The cost includes your air fare, lodging, and full breakfasts. This is the program that I help start in 1999 and sent about 6,000 Americans to Ireland on. So, start saving those pennies and dollars from the sale of your paintings and garden produce, etc. I plan on having this an annual event as long as I can still drag along an easel.
Hope to see you soon,