Third Tuesdays at Noon. John Johnston, owner of The Frugal Prosumer  has launched an iPad users group at Jake’s Cafe.  It convenes the third tuesday of each month.  There is no charge for attendance, but we do encourage you to bring your iPad and a few ideas to share!  While we will discuss several ideas, we will make an effort at each session to fully implement at least one topic/idea.

The  iPad Users Group Is for iPad, iPhone, iTouch enthusiasts where both new, thinking of getting one, or expert users can share their interests, talents, and skills. Using your iPad can be a fun and satisfying experience, but it can also be frustrating. It can be comforting to belong to a network of people who use the iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch. Our purpose is to help each other and explore how to get more out of our devices.

Whether you are wondering if you need an iPad, need help getting more out of it, or are an expert, we invite you to join us. Knowledge is a two-way street and we offer the opportunity to continue learning and to share your experience with others.

Format: Introduction of everyone. We invite you to tell why you are thinking of getting an iPad if you don’t already have one and one thing you want to or are doing with your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.