• Jake’s Cafe is now offering Intelligentsia Coffee to our members free from 8am to 10am at Mara’s.

    Complimentary Intelligentsia coffee

  • Private offices and co-workspace
  • Hi-speed internet with select ethernet and campus wide WiFi
  • A central color copier and printer
  • Scanning, FAX, and mail services
  • Secretarial services beginning at $15.00 per hour
  • A production room with paper supplies, light table, spray booth and binding materials
  • Storage space (pending availability)
  • A large focus group facility and multi-purpose room featuring Apple TV, large projectors, two-way mirrors all with audio and video recording capabilities
  • An acoustically treated soundbooth with recording equipment and a sound professional available
  • A state-of-the-art surround sound HD theater for movie screenings and special gaming events
  • A spacious yoga\fitness studio
  • Six beautiful conference rooms
  • Monthly social events including recorded Ted Talks, Pot Luck Lunches, Thirsty Thursday, Bourbon Nights…
  • Access to skilled college interns for special projects
  • Mara’s Café is staffed by our exclusive on-site private chef serving  delicious gourmet soups, fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, healthy drinks, and a variety of unique menu items while providing catering services for small meetings and large events with meal subscription options
  • Outdoor patio seating with hi-speed wireless internet and dining by Mara’s
  • Easily accessible parking with 8 additional spaces at the rear of Jake’s

Under one roof, our member roster includes qualified specialists in patents, legal services, branding, marketing, graphic design/advertising, social media, IT and code writing all available by retainer, contract, or hourly fee.

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Philip Leclerc, Leclerc Brothers Moving Pictures

Philip Leclerc, Leclerc Brothers Moving Pictures

Being part of the Jake’s community couldn’t have been more of a positive experience for my brothers and I. It not only allowed us to connect with other creatives in the community, but provided a healthy environment for our business to thrive and grow. It’s rare to work in an environment that offers so much talent and collaboration under one roof. There’s a sense of community that isn’t found in a lot of coworking spaces that Jake’s offered us. I would be hard pressed to find another space like it in the state.

One of the biggest contributors to us growing our business and working with the Midwest top fortune 500 companies was positioning ourselves in Jake’s Café.

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Coworking space is available for $30/day,
$100/week and $200/month. Includes coffee and internet.
Private office space is available from $250 to $1200/month.

Call or visit our Sharedesk for more information

No other professional cowork space offers so much.