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Malyssa Gabrielson

Office Manager at Jake’s Cafe
Malyssa stumbled upon her position at Jake’s Cafe and it has been the best thing to happen to her since science perfected meatless chicken nuggets. She spends her days as the office manager of Jake’s Cafe and the friendly neighborhood receptionist for the building. Her evenings are dedicated to coaching the high school forensics teams at Sheboygan South and IDEAS Academy. What little free time she manages to scrape together after that goes towards her love of vegan baking, traveling to see her friends and family spread out across the country, or hanging out with her impeccably dopey cat.


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I first got my hands on a PC in 1989 and immediately fell in love with the new technology. Since then, I have had my hands and head inside thousands of computers, servers and workstations, virtual environments, networks, WiFi hotspots, and remote systems. I’ve created dozens of websites and web applications with technologies like WordPress and AWS. I speak Windows, Mac, and Linux fluently and I thrive on finding ways to make tech work for you.

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