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There are many promises to keep Jake’s Cafe running smoothly. Jake’s Cafe has a staff of 10 full and part-time professionals committed to a high level of service. We invite and encourage our members to help us maintain an excellent campus by contributing either their time, treasure or talents.

Tryg Jacobson (Proprietor) – Tryg sets the values, tone and manner of our community. Tryg manages our staff and makes a sincere effort to serve and mentor our members.

Ann Marie Jacobson (Campus Management) – Ann Marie Supervises hospitality, amenities and campus appearance.

Malyssa Gabrielson & Melissa Wolf (Friendly Neighborhood Receptionists) – Fondly known as “M&M” Malyssa and Melissa are responsible for hospitality, phone reception, secretarial services, customer greeting, mail and so much more.

Lisa Jacobson (Tryg’s sister) – Lisa assists Paul Henning in campus maintenance.

Paul Henning (Maintenance Engineer) – Paul is in charge of preserving our wonderful campus including HVAC, plumbing, lighting, carpentry and special projects.

Jim Simon (Groundskeeper) – Jim cuts grass, trims trees and hedges, weeds gardens and keep our sidewalks clean during the winter months.

Steve Mech (Landlord) – Steve is in charge of the negotiation of all member leases and enforcement thereof. He also assists campus tours.

Jerry Gartner (IT) – Jerry manages our cafe internet services and color printing drivers.

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