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“In the real world or in the world wide web, I want to know one thing. How can I help you pursue your dreams?” Saving the world from poorly designed websites is what I do for living, but connecting people is one of my true passions. Outside the digtal world, I enjoy exploring nature, reading, drumming, music, video games and helping animals. There is so much to learn, experience and enjoy in life, so I make it a habit of keeping an open mind and trying new things every day.

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I first got my hands on a PC in 1989 and immediately fell in love with the new technology. Since then, I have had my hands and head inside thousands of computers, servers and workstations, virtual environments, networks, WiFi hotspots, and remote systems. I’ve created dozens of websites and web applications with technologies like WordPress and AWS. I speak Windows, Mac, and Linux fluently and I thrive on finding ways to make tech work for you.

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